The traveling shears

When some of my clients need a haircut, they are unfortunately out of town for extended periods of time. And sometimes they need me to go to them because they can't get back to me in a timely manner.  So I pack up my shears , clippers and razors and go where they are. I have seen this country in this manner. Sometimes its only from a moving car, but none the less I have seen our country and its beautiful.

Sometimes I only get to see a venue where a show is being held, and sometime they all look the same, whether it be an arena or a theater, they usually all look the same, but my car ride from the airport is always beautiful. I've also become a hotel snob. Yes its true. I love beautiful an CLEAN hotels with great restaurants. But CLEAN is key. I have showered in some hotels while standing on a washcloth so that my feet can't touch the tub. Am I too finicky? Does anyone else feel the same way? If so I would love to hear your weird hotel stories.

Until next time,