Ladies, heres a little tip before heading out to those holiday parties!

Before you go to your holiday parties, plan ahead as you may be tempted to overeat or over drink. It only takes a little preplanning on your part. This will help keep your tummy full so that you wont overeat, and it will help keep you from getting dehydrated and we know that dehydration is terrible for the skin.

1. Eat a handful of vegetables with a little olive or coconut oil.

2. Drink some water with lemon.

This little combo is nutritious. The fiber and fat from the veggies with oil will make you feel partly full. And the hydration, pectin, and citric acid from the lemon water will help suppress your remaining hunger.

I hope you find this handy little trick helpful : )

Here's to your current and future health and beauty,

Debra Wingo

AKA, Miss know it all

The traveling shears

When some of my clients need a haircut, they are unfortunately out of town for extended periods of time. And sometimes they need me to go to them because they can't get back to me in a timely manner.  So I pack up my shears , clippers and razors and go where they are. I have seen this country in this manner. Sometimes its only from a moving car, but none the less I have seen our country and its beautiful.

Sometimes I only get to see a venue where a show is being held, and sometime they all look the same, whether it be an arena or a theater, they usually all look the same, but my car ride from the airport is always beautiful. I've also become a hotel snob. Yes its true. I love beautiful an CLEAN hotels with great restaurants. But CLEAN is key. I have showered in some hotels while standing on a washcloth so that my feet can't touch the tub. Am I too finicky? Does anyone else feel the same way? If so I would love to hear your weird hotel stories.

Until next time,